au labo 24 jan 2019

Bitmoji Image

Morning Peeps!  Today is all about your ABOUT ME pages on your blog.

Please do the following in order:

#1) Come and add 1 thing to our “Safe/Not Safe” chart on the white board.  Think carefully & refer to it often when working on your ABOUT ME page today.

#2) Go to your blog and add a new PAGE (not a new post!!!)

#3) Create a highly interesting About Me page that will help visitors to your site get to know you 🙂

Your page must include:

*page not a post

*name (not real)

*eye-catching–colours, borders, pics, bitmoji?

*true facts (at least 3-12)



le 10 jan 2019: au labo

Bonjour mes amis!

Please complete the following IN ORDER:

#1) Post your #oneword2019 on your blog.  Then add 2-3 complete sentences & explain &  why you chose this word for yourself.  i.e.) What do you want for yourself this year?


#2) Go to G-Class (google classroom) & start your new Scratch 3.0 assignment! (you must go through G-Class to access this work).