le 11 oct 2019: au labo

Good Morning Peeps!

Please complete the following IN ORDER:

#1) create your Edublog’s blog (if you don’t already have one)

User Name = french name + 16

i.e.) Veronique16

#2) visit My Class > Join a Class

#3) search for my blog’s url name (madamebaird) to connect your blog to mine!


#4) Visit here & create your blog’s avatar


au labo: le 4 oct 2019

Bitmoji ImageGood Morning Peeps!  

Here’s your “to do” list for the block:


#1: Join my Khan Academy Class

There’s a link in Google Classroom







#2) KenKen screenshot from b4?

See my previous post about where to put it!

#3) Go to Edublogs & sign up for a blog 

Use your School GOOGLE account!!!

USER NAME = your French name + 16 (for Division 16)

I.E. Veronique16


le 1 oct 2019: au labo

#1) Join my Khan Academy Class

Click here & use your school Google address

Stuck? Look here for more detailed instructions


#2) Learn to play KenKen

How could you find a video that teaches you?

Stuck? Try here.


#3) Play at least 6 games online 

3 x 3 (all operations) Easy or harder


#4) Take a screenshot of your completion time

& post your screenshot here.










#5) Go to Google Classroom & complete your EdPuzzle assignments