au labo: le 24 jan 2020

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Here’s your “to do” list for today:

#1) Connect with first class in Hub 6.  Click here to find their teacher’s blog & attached student blogs.

#2) Choose AT LEAST 3 students and leave a “like-connect-question” comment for them.  Include ALL 3 parts of the comment.




#3) Khan Academy: Long Division!


au labo: le 17 jan 2020

Good Morning Peeps!

Please complete the following in order:

#1) Check your blog.  Respond respectfully to any comments you might have received.

#2) Leave a like/connect/question comment for Gérard.  (I spun the Wheel of Torture.)

#3) Khan Academy: sign up for the Grade 6 Mission & then complete the assigned division questions (see notifications).

#4) Monday Memes!  It’s been TOOOO long. Don’t forget to include your name & the source of your memes.