au labo: le 21 fev 2020

Bitmoji ImageMorning Peeps!  Here’s what we’re up to today in the lab:


#1) Check your blog for comments from our Hub 6 friends.  Respond to all comments.

Include: a “thank you for. . .”, an answer to their questions & pose a new question for them

#2) Visit the spreadsheet to see who you’re commenting on today!  Ensure you use our like/connect/question format.




#3) See Ms. Baird for your YE Charity Prezi partner!

au labo: le 7 fev 2020

Morno Peeps! Bitmoji Image

Today is ALL about connecting with our 100WC Hub 6 buddies in Malaysia & the United States.

#1) Who are you leaving comments for???? Click here to find out. (There are about 6 people each so get moving!)

#2) Remember to complete all 3 parts: like, connect, question.



#3) Consider inviting them to your blog (don’t forget to include your blog’s URL in the comment).

Ms. Baird’s comment example:

Ms. Abena, I really like the background theme you chose for your blog.  Rabbit are the best.  I’ve also worked in another country (than my home)as I taught in England in 2003.  I’m wondering how different international schools are than public ones.  Have a good week, Tara.  Please visit my blog: