June teaching schedule

Next week is BIG peeps as many Div 16 students are returning to the 3rd floor.  Here’s what my schedule looks like if you’re trying to reach me.

Don’t forget that Mr. Dhillon & Ms. Francesca are also available if you leave a comment in G-Class.

  • Boxes with letters mean I’m teaching face-to-face at Monterey (and unavailable online).
  • Boxes with pictures of me are when I’m at my computer.







Sidewalk Chalk Design

So guess who would not move his paw while I tried to take a pic of my design?  I’ll give you a hint: his middle name is Trouble.

I was trying to think of as many different geometric shapes as I could in my design.  This type of creativity is hard for me (drawing) so I started with 4 repeated sections.  Then, I added triangles & circles (the flattened grape shapes). I remember studying different kinds of lines in university so I added some waves & stripes. I finished it off by colouring in one whole section pink.  ACK!  Out of ideas :/