le 11 oct 2018: au labo!

 It’s Computer Lab Block!


Please complete the following IN ORDER:



#1) Check that you’ve logged into Google (this means no Terence) Image result for person logo in google

#2) Are you using Chrome as your browser? Related image

#3) Log into Khan Academy using Google (your sd61learn)

Image result for khan academy logo

#4) Backpack Flipgrid Responses!

(find in Google Classroom)


au labo: le 4 oct 2018

Morning Peeps!

Please complete the following:

#1) Using your SD61LEARN account, make a Khan Academy account.  Then, add me as your coach using tbaird@sd61learn.ca

*already have an account?  Just add me as your coach 🙂


#2) Connecting about Refugee!  Click here to comment on 1, 2 or 3 of the questions.  Password = GRA2018

#3) Find out what the Edublog Student Blogging Challenge is about.  Post ideas on this shared doc.

au labo: le 27 sept 2018

Good Morning Peeps!

Please complete the following IN ORDER:

#1) Join our Google Classroom (check your GMAIL for your invite)


#2) Pick up today’s assignment in G-Classroom: Refugee Hyperdoc ExplorationImage result for refugee book

Ensure you visit as many parts of the assignment as possible!  You are gathering info about our book & for today’s 7 min write

What might cause a family living in a country at war to finally flee from their home?



au labo: le 20 sept 2018

Morning Peeps!

Here is your “to do” list for today:

#1) log into Google & check your Gmail for my G-Classroom email

#2) Read my post below –“Meet the Creature.”  Click on the Middleschool 101 link and see what I shared with your parents

#3) Visit this padlet and add an awesome quote and/or pic about our BRAINS.

–log in using Google

–make sure you post according to the instructions