au labo: le 2 mai 2019

You with a spray can painting graffiti: Ssssssup? Morning Peeps!

Here’s what I need you to work on today:

#1) Writing activity in G-Class: Bullying & I am a Taxi

#2) Check your Jujuy Flipgrid & see if anyone in Argentina has responded!

#3) Check your blog and see if anyone has left you a comment.

#4) Come & see Ms. B. for more torturous fun.


au labo: le 11 avril 2019

Bitmoji ImageLots to do today folks!  I know you will use your time well 🙂

Please complete the following in order:

#1) Flipgrid to Jujuy (in G-Class)

#2) Find at least ONE mindfulness activity that you would like the class to use in one of our mindfulness blocks each week.  Click here to log your idea(s).

#3) Khan Academy or KenKen activities.

au labo le 4 avril 2019

Morning Peeps!  Here’s your to do list:

#1) 15 minutes on Khan Academy (my Math group has assigned Percent ?s)

#2)  Leave a positive comment based on our criteria for one of Severyn’s posts!  Then chose at least 2 other people to leave comments for.

#3) Answer any comments left for you by local/ international bloggers 🙂

#4) See Ms. Picketts.

le 7 fev 2019: au labo

Bitmoji Image

Morning Peeps!!!


Here’s your list of jobs for today:

#1) Complete your Google Form: Market Research Questions (ensure you’ve included a picture of your product

#2) Add a link to our class Doc so that people can find your form (Hide the link behind your name)

#3) 100 WC : on your blog, write 100 words EXACTLY including all of the following


Remember, you can use them in any order but they must all be included!

Use the READ/WRITE app to listen to your writing and fix any errors.

au labo 24 jan 2019

Bitmoji Image

Morning Peeps!  Today is all about your ABOUT ME pages on your blog.

Please do the following in order:

#1) Come and add 1 thing to our “Safe/Not Safe” chart on the white board.  Think carefully & refer to it often when working on your ABOUT ME page today.

#2) Go to your blog and add a new PAGE (not a new post!!!)

#3) Create a highly interesting About Me page that will help visitors to your site get to know you 🙂

Your page must include:

*page not a post

*name (not real)

*eye-catching–colours, borders, pics, bitmoji?

*true facts (at least 3-12)