June teaching schedule

Next week is BIG peeps as many Div 16 students are returning to the 3rd floor.  Here’s what my schedule looks like if you’re trying to reach me.

Don’t forget that Mr. Dhillon & Ms. Francesca are also available if you leave a comment in G-Class.

  • Boxes with letters mean I’m teaching face-to-face at Monterey (and unavailable online).
  • Boxes with pictures of me are when I’m at my computer.







Covid Graphs

I had a look at covid-19 graphs from BC and Canada.  I think these these graphs help and hurt.  They help by sometimes showing that the number of daily cases are going down or if we are flattening the curve.  For instance the BC graph shows us flattening the curve.  Graphs can also hurt and make us feel that things are worse than they are.  For instance the federal graph showed total amount of cases which looks horrible.  I am interested in these graphs, especially the BC one.  I want to see us flatten the curve so life can get back to normal.  I wish that the BC one had numbers from the weekend and that they would show the number of people who recover each day.